Datagenno is an interactive database containing genetic, molecular and clinical information for health care professionals, researchers, scientists and patients. A new area for ​​research and information exchange between health care professionals. Also a web space for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to share scientific and therapeutic news for genetic diseases with users.

Find syndromes and diagnoses based on signs / symptoms and also genetic features.

Type the sign/symptom on the text field, and click to search the syndromes and diagnoses related. There are many ways to refine the search, so you will be able to find what you're looking for with accuracy.

Learn more details about syndromes and diagnoses for diseases.

Each syndrome and diagnose have a web page which contains specific details, helping you improve your searches.

Privacy is everything!

Choose who will interact with you and with your data.

Share, communicate, bookmark, analyze!

DataGenno provides several ways to interact with clinical and genetic data. You will be able to bookmark the syndromes that you are more interested in, analyze the data you have saved and keep in touch with other users. Professionals with common interests will be able to build networks.